Please Don’t Do This Balls And Rope Stunt


Okay, so here’s a little context for that nightmarish video above. It’s made some guys called P.O.R. Army, who bill themselves as “the world’s most dangerous stunt group.” That doesn’t seem like something you’d want to shoot for, but everybody’s got to make a living. Their videos depict the guys putting their bodies into all kinds of upsetting situations, but this one goes above and beyond.

Here’s the setup: P.O.R. member “Bub” ties a rope around his ballsack with a slipknot, then attaches the other end to a nearby tree. He then climbs up on some bleachers and does a running jump off. I’m not sure exactly what he thought would happen, but the end results are nightmarish. The knot increases in tightness with the tension, constricting his scrotum so hard that it causes him an insane amount of pain.

I know it sounds nuts, but this guy actually got off pretty easy. If that knot had tightened much more, it could have caused permanent damage to his reproductive system. Sacrificing your balls for a YouTube video – especially one that got barely over 25,000 views – is simply not worth it.