Please Don’t Explode Firecrackers On Your Balls


Let’s head to China for this latest installment in “people treating their balls badly,” in which a chubby dude drops a firework down his boxer briefs and lets it explode on his junk.

In the clip, which was posted to Facebook this week, an unidentified Chinese man with a packet of sizable firecrackers first affixes one to the tip of his finger before lighting the fuse. It explodes, of course, leaving him in some pain, but he doesn’t learn a lesson. So he moves on to the most sensitive part of a dude’s body.

Opening the top of his red boxer briefs, the Chinese man lights another firecracker and nonchalantly drops it down the front of his undies. Needless to say, he’s not quite as nonchalant when it goes off, immediately doubling over in pain and screaming. We can only imagine the horrific pain that having a small explosive detonate in close proximity to your family jewels can bring.

The Daily Star has some more information on this dumb idea. The man has yet to be named, but hopefully he’s lying low to not bring shame to his family. Any more than they already have just by raising him, of course.