Please Don’t Put Hot Sauce On Your Balls


Life’s hard for an aspiring YouTube vlogger trying to build up a following. You’ve gotta do whatever it takes to please sponsors and gain an audience. For Simon Christopher of the Simon Christopher Show, that means rubbing hot sauce on his ballsack.

Bunster’s sauce is rated a “16 out of 10,” whatever that means, but our protagonist didn’t seem to think it would do that much to his nutsack. If you’ve watched the video, you know he was horribly wrong. The capsacin from hot pepper can irritate the body through any location, up to and including the scrotum. I don’t think that anybody smart enough to read this site will ever try this at home, but after this video we’re sure you won’t.

Best of luck to Simon Christopher in building his audience. Hopefully the money he gets from this stunt will pay for some soothing ointment to rub all over his gonads. He’s going to need to spend a little time recovering. Maybe he should think twice about potential sponsorship opportunities in the future and stay away from hot sauce companies. As for Bunster’s, watching this clip doesn’t make me eager to put their sauce in my mouth. Better luck next time.