Pornhub Joins The Fight Against Testicular Cancer


The battle against testicular cancer leads to some strange allegiances. We’ve seen artists, athletes and little kids help out in our campaign to have dudes check themselves once a month. But the latest people to chip in are the smut merchants at Pornhub.

They’ve pledged up to $50,000 in matching funds with the Movember Foundation in their month-long drive, where dudes grow facial hair in exchange for donations. Although we’re not affiliated with Movember here at the Ball Report (we have a beard all year ’round, like real men), we have to give them props for their organization and dedication to the cause.

Pornhub has also made a PSA video with adult actress Janice Griffith encouraging dudes to perform regular self-examinations. The video is safe for work, so don’t be afraid to click on over. We can’t promise that anything else on that site is, but you’re a grown-up, you can take care of yourself.

Check those balls, keep in touch with your scrotum, and we’ll lick testicular cancer together. Not literally. That would be gross.