How To Protect Your Balls In BJJ Grappling

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a tough martial art centered around grappling, and when you’re in close contact with another dude who is trying to choke you out, it’s very possible to take a knee to the nuts. That’s obviously against the rules, but it certainly happens, especially with less experienced fighters. One concerned BJJ trainee wrote in to Stephan Ketsing asking how he could protect his boys.

The end result was this informational video, which demonstrates numerous guards and positions where your balls are protected. In general, if somebody has their knee between your legs, it’s not an effective BJJ position, as you can muster more leverage. The proper way to hold your leg is across the chest, distributing your weight to pin their upper torso.

Even if you don’t practice BJJ regularly, this is still a useful video for anybody who’s interested in protecting their balls while they’re grappling.