See What The Raptors Think Perfect Ball Movement Looks Like


In truth, every single utterance of the phrase “perfect ball movement” should result in a big residual check being sent to Gregg Popovich and smaller, but still substantial, checks doled out to every member of the current Golden State Warriors team and staff. Nobody does it like those guys do it.

But their success has spawned a tidal wave of flattering imitators, the East-leading Cleveland Cavaliers most certainly not among them. But right behind the Cavs in the Eastern standings sit the Raptors—a team also run by and rostered with intelligent, progressive people whose basketball minds are not stuck in a permanent, visual loop of everything good about the NBA in 1997.

That being said, this clip is probably not the big time highlight reel play that the Toronto media team thinks it is. For one thing, we don’t remember a lot of Luis Scola jumping into the air past the 3-pt line on the Spurs. Moreover, “slash-and-kick” is one thing, but practically diving into the rim without a plan where the ball is going next, well, that’s quite another. All corner threes are not created equal, even if they’re all worth the same, and this video is the perfect evidence why.

While they may not quite be the Spurs yet, the Raptors also not NCAA-quality, though, so you gotta give them that.