Read A Tragic Tale Of A Golfer With A Fractured Testicle

Read A Tragic Tale Of A Golfer With A Fractured Testicle

Sports and testicular injuries unfortunately go hand in hand, but this is the first time we’ve heard tell of a golfer suffering one while out on the links. Michael J. Young, M.D. is a physician with thirty years of experience in the field and even he was taken aback by this patient.

He was on Friday night call duty, which is typically a recipe for disaster as people cut loose after a long work week and end up harming themselves in the process. Here’s how he starts the story:

“On this night, I was awakened around 11:30 p.m. for a consultation. I could predict a long night ahead of me, along with a stressful remaining weekend, within 10 seconds of hearing the reason for the interruption of my REM sleep: A 43-year-old man had suffered a fracture of the testicle.”

What follows from there is a bizarre story. The patient was hitting balls at the driving range when the golfer next to him whacked a monster slice that bounced off a lamp post and right into his nutsack. He crumpled, but didn’t think the pain was that severe until he went home that night and found himself in intense pain. One quick Google later and he decided to head to the hospital.

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