Read This Crazy Story Of Mexican Ball-Enlarging Operations

Mexican Operation

We’ve talked a lot about how you should be happy with your balls no matter their size, but that’s not stopping some men from heading south of the border to get operations on their scrotums. This interesting article features the tale of an adult performer who wanted to have a bigger sack, so he booked an appointment in Mexico for the procedure.

Patrick’s surgery took place in Mexico—a common surgical destination for members of the LGBTQ community who lack proper funding—under a doctor “well known” for cosmetic augmentations. “I heard that complications could happen but that it happened in very few people,” he says. He deliberated and consulted for a year before deciding to cross the border. In a hotel next to a strip mall, Patrick paid $350 for 100cc of medical grade silicone to be injected into his scrotum. “I felt a warm swelling as the fluid filled the space and with minimal pain,” he says of the procedure. “It took less than 10 minutes altogether.” The wound was fixed with a super adhesive.

Ten minutes doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but doctors warn that having silicone injected into your scrotum isn’t quite as simple as the average breast implant. While there you’re mostly dealing with fatty tissue, the ballsack is a more complex part of the body, and silicone can produce nodules and make it more difficult to detect testicular cancer.

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