Do You Really Need Balls For Your Gun?

Gun Balls

Gun culture is a strange thing. We’re not going to get into the heated debate about the Second Amendment and individual liberty vs. public safety here, as it’s well beyond our mission statement. But it’s not outrageous to say that people who are into guns are typically really into guns, and willing to shell out some serious cash for firearms and accessories.

But does that extend to a pair of imitation testicles for you to mount on your rifle?

Meet the Tac Sac, one of the most perplexing gun add-ons we’ve ever seen. From the site:

“The TAC-SAC is the premier high-speed, low-hang novelty accessory for your firearm, paintball marker, or airsoft gun. Show off at the range and on the field — it’s sure to make your friends laugh and to throw off the competition! The TAC-SAC makes a hilarious gag gift for the hunters, gun-nuts (you see what we did there) and airsoft players in your life.”

The testicles come in your choice of black or FDE (Flat Dark Earth, better known to us normal folks as “brown”) and clamp onto any standard-sized picatinny rail. As is probably important to prospective buyers, each unit is made in the USA.

At $39.99, these things aren’t cheap, but where else are you going to get a pair of creepily realistic testicles to hang from the bottom of your gun? Actually, don’t answer that question. We’re probably happier not knowing.