Remembering Casino Royale’s Ball Torture Scene

Casino Royale

Casino Royale was the debut of Daniel Craig as the legendary British secret agent James Bond, and it gave the long-running film series a much-needed jolt of adrenaline. Bond had grown increasingly out of touch with the modern world, so making the new movie a flashback set in his early years allowed the character to show levels of inexperience and vulnerability that he hadn’t been able to in some time. That vulnerability also sparked one of the flick’s most notorious scenes, where Bond gets captured by terror financier Le Chiffre.

Strapped to a chair, Bond can do nothing but suffer as Le Chiffre just goes to town on his gonads with a technique known as Dutch Scratching – tearing and beating his gonads with a length of rope. Without showing anything explicit, it manages to communicate pain and danger through excellent acting.

Watch the scene for yourself and cringe along.

One of the most interesting fan theories coming out in the wake of Casino Royale is that this experience permanently warped Bond’s relationship with women by making him unable to have children. That would explain how the legendary secret agent manages to sleep around in every movie without accidentally making a baby Bond.