Bad Car Hack: Remove Wheel Lock Nuts Without Key

Here is yet another in an apparently long line of “hacks” that are not “hacks” in any relevant sense of the word. At least “How to Remove Lock Nuts Off Wheel Without Key” does not claim to be a lifehack (although, given the likely criminal usage of such a demonstration, it arguably is), the advice for removing a lock nut is rather simple:┬ácut it the hell off with a damn saw. That’s not much of a hack, fellas!

Give them credit for staying on topic, at least. This related video tackling the same basic problem uses up half the run time explaining why Christianity is the most logical religion. You can’t say “eliminate Jews”, man! You gotta get that wheel off. There is a technique here outside of just cutting the lock nuts off, though — he ends up using the key.

Clearly we are not on the same page about “hacks”.