Review: The Pleasures of Testicles


If you read this site on a daily basis (and I hope you do), you might think that we’re the most obsessed with balls people on Earth. Well, now there might be a challenger for that title: James Riedy, the author of a little book called “The Pleasures of Testicles: A Celebration and Exploration of All Things Balls.” He graciously sent us a copy to review and we loved every minute of it.

Riedy isn’t a doctor or anatomist – instead, he’s a self-made polymath who has done a host of different jobs throughout his life. His last book was on the sculpture of Chicago. As to what made Reidy decide to turn to testicles, he doesn’t ascribe any great significance to the act. He saw a need and filled it, and we’re lucky he did.

In the pages of “The Pleasures of Testicles,” Riedy examines balls from multiple angles. Their visual appeal (or lack thereof), tactile sensation, and even a robust vocabulary of testicle terms from around the world.

There’s not much of a narrative throughline to “The Pleasures of Testicles” – Riedy offers seven chapters, organized thematically (including one on BDSM that had us wincing) – and the flow is a little choppy at times. Reading it, you get the feeling that the author had so much information about gonads that he wanted to share that he’s breathlessly trying to get it all in.

That said, this book is an essential purchase for any balls owner and we recommend it highly.

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