4K Is Exactly The Right Resolution For Viewing Hurricane Balls

It’s a little weird how big “4K” is right now, as a marketing buzzword, or a feature description, we guess, if you want to be a little nicer about it. After all, computer monitors (and not even especially nice ones, at that) have outpaced HDTV by leaps and bounds since before HDTV even came out.

4k, or UHD “Ultra High Definition”, for reference, is about 8 megapixels in terms of resolution. If your new cell phone had such a low-res camera you’d probably assume it was some kind of defect. IMAX theaters have been showing digital films at 2.9K or thereabouts since before Obama’s first term—granted, at an enormous screen size, but still.

While high resolution video isn’t exactly new, the ability for consumers to create things with it surely is. It’s a bit of a supply and demand problem: if nobody realizes they can watch things in 4K, then why put out any devices capable of recording in it? Eventually, that stalemate breaks, however, and you can have a little helicopter fly around and watch you snowboard down a mountain in super high res, which is great. Or you can play with these little “hurricane balls”, which are maybe slightly less great but still interesting. Look at ’em go!

And thanks to the 4K video standard, you can almost see how bored the guy must have been to glue two marbles together and blow on them for an hour.