Roasted Goat Testicles Even Less Tasty in Kenya

Do you yearn for the warm summer days of baseball and outdoor grilling? Are you a big Bizarre Foods fan? Do you speak Swahili? Well, you may wanna check this video out, from Daily Nation Kenya, and maybe get back to us as to what in the heck is going on in it provied you can figure it out.

The YouTube description explains that this is an interview with a local merchant:

As the world counts down to Christmas, Kenyans engage in different kind of festivities. But at Maili Tatu in Meru, locals and visitors usually feast on an usual and disliked part of meat: Goat testicles. Popularly known as Murithi wa Nkai, Stephen Murithi, a butcher at the township is renowned for his goat testicles “choma”.

Is that true? Maybe! The stuff on the grill could plausibly be goat testicles — skin, hair and all, but beyond that there’s just no telling. We hope Stephen is making a good living, though, as the title implies. Cutting up a bunch of goat dicks all day is not for the faint of heart.