Rodeo Clowns In Giant Balls Is Hilarious And Scary


When you list the jobs that we never want, rodeo clown is pretty high up there. Being a walking distraction for a massive pile of beef muscle to toss around seems like a pretty awful way to make a living. And yet, people do it year in and year out. A recent rodeo in Waconia, Minnesota introduced a new twist, though – outfitting the clowns in giant inflatable Zorb balls and seeing if it helped matters any.

Spoiler: it sure as hell didn’t. The massive balls obscured the vision of the clowns, preventing them from getting out of the way of the charge. The end result was the poor hapless victims getting tossed into the air like beach balls at a Kid Rock concert, only with a much rougher landing. The video above shows some of the action, and it’s pretty hard to watch.

The problem here is that the Zorb doesn’t cover the entire clown. Their legs are left sticking out, and those long bones are all too happy to break when they hit the ground hard. There are few things worse than hearing the voice of a child say “He isn’t moving,” but maybe we shouldn’t be bringing our impressionable young ones to rodeos? Not to impugn a classic element of American cowboy culture or anything, but damn.