Roger Federer Looks On As Umpire Has His Gonads Smashed

It’s just 7 seconds of slow motion video, but there’s so much happening in this clip from Roger Federer’s Australian Open match with Tomas Berdych that it deserves the delicate treatment. And so do the poor gonads of this unlucky umpire.

We’re not sure, given the context, whether the blistering bullseye resulted from a volley or a serve, but for reference, here’s an idea of what could have befallen the innocent bystander. The fastest tennis serve ever recorded traveled at a speed of 263 kilometers per hour at its peak. For Americans, that’s roughly 163 miles per hour.

Just this week, the world’s fastest cheetah died at age 15. Sarah earned her title by running a distance of 100 meters in precisely 5.95 seconds (half the time, roughly, of the fastest humans). Her apex speed during that run was a mere 61mph.

In other words, if the fastest land mammal attempted to travel as fast as the ball that destroyed that umpire’s gonads off the Australian Open grass, she would have shattered her vertebrae and torn her legs off. So it could have been a lot worse.