Does This Rolling Balls ASMR Video Relax You?


One of the strangest things on the modern Internet is the prevalence of ASMR videos, which have become a booming subculture in the last five years or so. ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response,” and it’s a sensation reportedly experienced by a small percentage of the population. When triggered by sensory stimuli, they report a pleasurable tingle in the scalp and head as well as other feelings. These stimuli don’t have to be directly related, though, and a cottage industry of videos have sprung up that purport to make them happen.

This clip, from channel Easy ASMR, combines the soothing sounds of balls rolling around in a wooden bowl with repetitive motions to create something that, while not stimulating my cortex or giving me tingling sensations, did make me want to take a nap.

That’s not to say that rolling balls for ASMR doesn’t work – one of the most interesting things about the phenomenon is that different inputs work for different people. It’s highly possible that there are some individuals out there for which this 25 minute video of rolling around will be the best thing they’ve ever watched. That’s because the Internet is a truly amazing and wonderful place.