Ronaldo Teams Up With Son To Shoot Balls Vs. Hulk

Perhaps Ronaldo was pining for a match with Givanildo Vieira de Sousa when he took his son into the backyard to shoot balls on a toy goal. That particular “Hulk” must have been unavailable, since Ronaldo ended up scoring on a decidedly tinier and greener Hulk (along with the personification of Anger and a penguin).

This mildly cute video comes from a channel for athletes called Unscriptd, which “powers the personal video of the world’s best athletes”. That doesn’t really sound unscripted, and the video doesn’t look like it is, either. But hey, how is arguably the world’s greatest modern soccer player going to find motivation to dribble, feint, and shoot balls with his kid if there’s not a camera around?!