Rugby Players Get Naked For Testicular Cancer

Rugby Players

The fight against testicular cancer takes many forms, and we fully support any way that dudes try to raise awareness. One of the more interesting approaches we’ve seen lately comes courtesy of six LGBT rugby teams in England, who have stripped starkers for a benefit calendar.

A total of 52 rugby players doffed all of their duds to be pose for the calendar. Photographer Monty McKinnen commented “Turning up to each club was a challenge as we didn’t know who the players would be, or how comfortable they’d be when we asked them to strip and get up close to pose with each other. It turned out in the end they didn’t need much encouragement to derobe. In fact at one club we turned around to find them all stood there naked on the pitch before I’d even got the camera out!”

The players were photographed in the locker room, on the rugby pitch and in the showers, playing their game and training. The bond they feel for each other is evident in every picture. If you’re a fan of beefcake, this is certainly one you want to check out. The charity that will benefit is the UK’s Balls to Cancer group.

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