Runner’s Balls Fall Out During Race

Runner's Balls Fall Out During Race

The Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation hosts the Running of the Balls every year to raise awareness of testicular cancer, but this BYU student athlete might have taken the name a little too literally. Garrett Marsing was running the 2000 meter steeplechase at a meet on June 11 that was televised on ESPN. During the race, his nards slipped out of the bottom of his shorts and were caught on camera, to the amusement of many wags on social media.

Considering the length of the shorts these runners wear, it’s really inevitable that some nuts are going to peek out every so often. But the steeplechase – a race that requires participants to vault hurdles as they go – seems like one of the worst possible events for it to happen. Stopping to tuck them back in would take away valuable time that even the fastest runner couldn’t make back.

Marsing did end up qualifying for the finals in the race with a 4th place finish. Good for him – we definitely don’t think we’d be at peak performance with our scrote peeking out of our shorts.

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