Rush Limbaugh Claims Hillary Has Bernie’s Nuts In A Box

Hillary Clinton Testicle Lock Box

We don’t pay a lot of attention to right-wing talk radio around the office, but when you say the word “testicles” like Rush Limbaugh did last week, our ears naturally perk up. How did the subject of gonads come up in the Democratic Presidential primary? Read on, my friend.

The argument over Hillary Clinton’s credentials to be President has splintered the Democratic party in a fascinating way. Sanders supporters point out her right-leaning tack on a number of important issues, including supporting the Iraq war and catering to the financial industry that caused the 2008 recession. For those who support her, those attacks are rooted in sexism – the argument is that if she were a man, the discourse would be very different.

We’re not sure how we feel about that (and certainly won’t be endorsing any candidate but Deez Nuts this election), but pundit Rush Limbaugh has his own sexist ideas – most notably that Clinton is some sort of castrating virago who has Bernie’s gonads locked away in a metal box. Why? Because he apologized for something.

Mediaite has the whole story, and it’s kind of ridiculous. Sanders had listed reasons why he didn’t believe Hillary Clinton was fit to be President, which is a totally natural campaign strategy. He then apologized, which is in kind with the way he’s run his campaign so far. But to Rush, that apology is a sign of weakness in the scrotum department, and it’s not just Sanders suffering from it.

Limbaugh also accused Hillary of keeping husband Bill’s nuts in the proverbial lockbox, bringing up his justifiably controversial Black Lives Matter comments and subsequent apologia. To be fair, Hillary has every reason in the world to keep Bill in a chastity belt, metaphorical or otherwise, but Sanders? We think Bernie’s balls are swinging just fine.