What The Hell Is Going On In This Russian Burger King Ad?

Foreign takes on American fast food are always good for laughs, as they take our cultural and culinary norms and twist them beyond recognition for their audiences. But this Russian Burger King ad goes above and beyond the usual goofiness to create a commercial that not only could never air on U.S. television but might also be legally actionable.

The clip stars competing fast food mascots Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders (in slightly off-kilter form, as you’d expect from Russia) sitting around a table. They’re joined by a representative from Burger King with a chicken in tow. The question comes up: why are BK’s nuggets so good?

The man answers (in Russian) with “cooler eggs,” and that’s when things get really weird. Colonel Sanders looks under the table and we see a massive pair of swinging testicles attached to the bottom of the chicken. Ronald then asks to touch them as the clip ends.

So who do you think got mad about this ad? If you guessed “clowns,” you’re right. A Russian clown named Rome Gabidullina filed a legal complaint, saying that the clip demonized his profession as perverts and claiming he lost business. Amazingly, he won, and Burger King had to remove the ad from the airwaves, pay 200,000 Rubles (£2,750) and issue a public apology.

Credit to the Daily Mail for tipping us off to this weird-ass advertisement.