Salesman Becomes Fourth In His Family With Testicular Cancer

Salesman Becomes Fourth In His Family With Testicular Cancer

For many men, testicular cancer comes as an unpleasant surprise. They don’t know what to do when they’re diagnosed and find their whole world thrown upside-down. But for salesman Matt Inman-Shore, things were a little different. As a kid, his father, grandfather and uncle had all battled the disease, and they used the experience to urge the young lad to check himself down there frequently to look out for anything unusual.

He definitely learned from experience, saying “I always wondered when it was going to be my turn. But unlike my grandad, who waited five years to see the doctor, and my dad and uncle who both waited a year, I saw someone within 24 hours of feeling a lump.”

When his father thought that his cancer had returned in 2018, Matt decided to check himself as well and discovered a growth the size of a “Cadbury mini egg” in his scrotum. He immediately made an appointment to get looked over by a doctor, and his suspicions were verified. The young salesman had testicular cancer. A CT scan revealed a growth in his other testicle as well.

Matt was unable to preserve his testicles and had them both removed and replaced with prosthetics. He does plan to raise a family with his fiancee through other means.

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