What Sex Is Like After Testicular Cancer

Sex After Testicular Cancer

This excellent personal essay on regaining your sex life after testicular cancer is worth a read on this Friday morning. The writer interviewed several men who were treated for the disease about how they returned to a normal sex life and the compromises they had to make. If you lose a testicle, it’s common to get a prosthetic inserted to fill the space and make your scrotum look balanced. Here’s a clip.

Tim, like many others, opted to insert a prosthetic ball (the procedure was done on the same day as his orchiectomy), hoping it would provide a semblance of normalcy to his cancer-warped physique. After all, unless you’re a urologist, or you happen to be looking really, really closely, there’s virtually no way to distinguish Tim’s scrotum from one carrying a pair of original testicles. “There’s nothing different. If I’m with somebody, I won’t even say anything unless they notice first.”

Of course, Tim isn’t so easily fooled. Prosthetic balls, he says, “aren’t as squishy,” so when he’s feeling around down there, the difference on his own body is obvious. Yet, for Tim, that outcome was preferable to becoming a monorchid, the scientific term for individuals with just one testicle. “I would have felt more self-conscious if I hadn’t gotten the prosthetic. I definitely wanted that, because (the appearance) wouldn’t be so obvious.”

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