Shaving Your Balls Can Be Hazardous To Your Health


How do you keep your balls groomed? Do you trim the hair, or just let it grow wild and free? Or are you in the group of men who believes that shaving your balls is the best look? If you are, a recent study might give you some cause for concern. We’re not making any judgements, but there could be real ramifications for that smooth nutsack.

As published in JAMA Dermatology, the report states that 25% of American men have endured at least one injury while grooming their pubic region. 2.5% of those people hurt their nether regions so badly that it required surgical intervention. That intervention ranged from a simple stitch-up to an abcess – yuck. The majority of injuries were cuts, followed by burns and abrasions.

More than 2/3 of those injuries happened on the ballsack. That’s a disproportionate number, but it makes sense. It’s difficult to groom the nooks and crannies of your balls, especially without a complex setup of mirrors. There has to be a better way to get this stuff done, but nobody’s figured it out yet. Until some scientific genius comes up with a safer way to groom the sack, we’ll just have to deal with it.

Slate has more on the study.