A Sheep Testicle Dissection Is Cooler Than Anything We Did In School

In 2016, all these years later, most of our school days are a blur. There was gym class, and definitely some homework, and it seems like there were some books in there also. Other than that, not a lot comes to mind. But you may be different…you’re either younger, or you don’t drink as much, or your memory hasn’t been dulled by years of casual pornography consumption. Do you remember doing anything quite as cool as this sheep testicle dissection as a student?

(To be clear, we’re talking about high school here. Obviously you did cooler stuff in college, or you wasted four years of your life.)

It’s obviously some kind of class project, since there’s another video on YouTube showing virtually identical steps, but it’s not as well done. It’s a C+ at best. Just kidding…it’s fine, but portrait mode? That seems like one the kids would get right.

A sheep testicle dissection is gross, granted, and you can practically smell the preservatives through the screen. But there’s something about seeing a classroom full of kids not sitting around on their laptops or phones that made us warm and fuzzy inside.

Not inside our testicles, though, obviously.