Slow-Mo Bowling Ball Drops Onto Axe Heads Rule

Is there anything that’s not cooler in slow motion? We can add “a bowling ball being dropped onto the sharp end of an axe” to that list, because that is extremely cool in slow motion. This new video from YouTube channel How Ridiculous isn’t going to settle any scientific bets – we all know that things dropped from a great height tend to get wrecked – but it’s super sweet to look at.

The group set up a 150 foot tower to do the experiment with, dropping bowling balls straight down onto a specially reinforced axe that has an upturned steel blade and is mounted in concrete and sand to keep it from moving. How Ridiculous got famous for basketball trick shots, but it’s a whole ‘nother matter entirely to land a bowling ball on a small target from 150 feet in the air, so not every drop was a winner.

The ones where the bowling ball and axe met perfectly, though, are a thing of exceptional beauty. The way the blade cleaves through the ball is unreal, especially in slow motion. What a cool thing to start the week with.