Snickers Mixed Nuts Is Not Tame And Lame, Come On!

This guy says that the new, limited edition Snickers Mixed Nuts is “tame and lame”. He is wrong, and we know that he is wrong, even though we have not at any point eaten a Snickers Mixed Nuts bar. How?

Well, for one thing, the channel putting out this (questionable! unconscionable!) review is called WrecklessEating, and so it’s probably fair to assume these guys like to eat weird and wild stuff more than the average joe. Secondly, the formula for a Snickers Mixed Nuts to be a huge success is right there! “Who would pick this over a regular Snickers,” he asks. Well, how about someone who loves the creamy, bold flavors of a hazelnut? Or an eater who loves to chow on almonds (a very healthy legume)? The peanuts, of course, are for everyone, because Snickers is for everyone.

Continue innovating, Snickers, and ignore the nut haters.