Sniper Elite 4 Brings Hitler Ballshots Back

The Sniper Elite series of videogames are known for their intense realism, simulating the thankless task of waiting in cover for as long as it takes to squeeze off a shot into their target. The game’s most notorious innovation is the bullet cam, which follows your shot through the air and into your target, watching it wreak havoc on whatever internal organs it contacts.

Yes, that includes the balls. There is a long-running tradition in the series of special missions that pit the heroic sniper against Hitler himself, and gamers love to make videos of hunting down the Fuhrer and popping him with a shot right in the nut (he only had one). Sniper Elite 4, which was just released, continues this tradition with better graphics and tenser action than ever before.

Here’s a clip from popular YouTuber Robbaz that spotlights the high-res testicular destruction detail that the newest game offers. The mission tasks the player with infiltrating a U-boat facility and taking out Hitler there. Robbaz takes it to the balls of plenty of Nazis in the clip. If this looks good to you, you can pick the game up at Amazon.