“Social Experiment for Testicular Cancer” is Anything But

Things on the internet are rarely what they appear, and that goes double for anything on YouTube. So that’s why we weren’t too surprised by this video, entitled “Crotch Cam Social Experiment for Testicular Cancer”, but which is, in fact, a dumbass stuffing a dildo in his jeans and riding the train. There’s nothing about testicular cancer in the video or in the description, of course, and it’s about as rigorous a social experiment as farting in an elevator.

What’s worse (because they couldn’t just stop there) is that this lame stunt is itself a literal ripoff of a channel that does nothing but lame stunts, and is actually quite famous for it. Our guy didn’t even crop out the original watermark all the way. We’d say not to watch it, but you really should, for just a second, to make yourself feel a little better about your week. At least you’re not the dildo train guy.