The Sound Of Shredding Rubber Balls Will Drive You Insane


Youtube is a weird place. There are over a billion channels on the site of people uploading their videos for the world. The vast majority of those channels barely get a single view, but they soldier on anyway. Case in point: Thymark, a channel that seems to consist entirely of an industrial machine shredding things.

The channel’s videos feature the all-consuming gears working their way through everything from plush toys to fireworks, with basically the same result: whatever’s caught in them gets torn up into a horrible mess.

The clip that’s relevant to our interests, though, is what happens when rubber bouncy balls go through the machine. Obviously, they get wrecked, but the real revelation here is the sound. Turns out that shredding balls creates a cacophony of chewing noises that can be best compared to sitting next to an old person eating a big pastrami sandwich. It’s pretty unsettling, even for fans of horrible noises.

So kudos to you, Thymark. Long may you pursue your dream of showing the world what shredding things looks like. We don’t pretend to understand it, but we salute you.