Steamroller Vs. Golf Ball: Who Wins?

Destroying things on YouTube is a bit of a cottage industry at this point, but the boys at Crush have a little advantage over other channels: they have an eight ton steamroller with which to pulverize their targets. They put the machine to use on a bunch of golf balls, and one would think that the conclusion would be pretty obvious: the little buggers would get smushed into the tarmac by the sheer weight of the steamroller.

It’s not a spoiler to say that doesn’t happen, but watching it is still something pretty interesting. On the first pass, only one of the golf balls is even damaged, with a small hairline crack on the outer casing. Apparently they make these things pretty tough to handle the impact of metal clubs hitting them, but that toughness extends to slow, crushing pressure as well.

Yes, eventually the steamroller does get the advantage over the golf balls, and the insides of them are a little different than we remember as kids when we sawed them apart with hacksaws – instead of the weird filler material, they appear to be a thick, strong black rubber.