Stephen Curry Is Better At Dribbling Tennis Balls Than You

Though Stephen Curry is no longer the runaway MVP candidate he was during the Golden State Warriors historic winning streak, the last 18 months or so have nevertheless been a testament to Curry’s skyrocketing profile as an NBA superstar. Whether he nabs his 2nd consecutive MVP award or not is inconsequential when it comes to his place as one of the all-time great guards—a reality that would have been all but unthinkable just three years ago when he signed a (now hilariously far below market) contract extension for $44M over four years.

One thing that has not changed in recent years, however, is Curry’s insane commitment to the fundamentals. While he may already be the greatest pure shooter in history, eclipsing, among others, his own coach Steve Kerr, his pregame dribbling drills are becoming must-see TV in their own right. Curry’s handle is effortless, reminiscent of Steve Nash or early Chris Paul, with the added danger of an increasingly deadly shot from any position on the floor.

Thinking about him dribbling tennis balls for hours on end to master this esoteric skill, though, is as maddening to the average fan as, well, dribbling tennis balls would probably be.