Study Shows Men Touch Their Balls Seven Times A Day

Study Shows Men Touch Their Balls Seven Times A Day

Our overriding mantra here at the Ball Report is for men to get used to touching their balls on a regular basis – and not idly, either, but really getting in there to see if anything feels out of the ordinary, because it might be a precursor to testicular cancer. That’s why the results of a new study on how often dudes feel themselves down there is very encouraging.

Snack company KP Nuts queried 2,000 men on how often they grope themselves down there, and the results are very good. The majority of men touch themselves at least seven times a day, with 23% touching themselves over 10 times.

One of the less positive pieces of data from the study indicated that 2/3 of men have never had their nuts checked out by a doctor or medical professional as an adult. This should be a routine aspect of a physical exam for men past puberty, so we encourage dudes to get on that. In addition, 11% of respondents say they never check ’em.

1% of respondents reported having a touch on their balls 50 or more times per day, and even by our standards that seems a bit excessive. Let your boys rest, mates.

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