Supine Groin Progressive Explained — Finally!

From Egoscue Orange County:

Ever wonder what’s happening to your body in the Tower?

Um, no? What?

This narrated video explains the power of the Tower.

Well, ok.

[Watches the video]

The narrated video did not explain the power of the Tower. You may have to do some digging here to catch up, but it seems like “Esoscue” is some kind of chiropractic scam. Evidently, you can pay a person to Skype with you and tell you how to lay down so your back doesn’t hurt. Sounds kinda scammy.

Also, there’s a Tower that goes on your supine groin at some point? Not sure, but there is a lot of talk of releasing passive muscles, which sounds important. At least now we know what it would look like if a Halloween store skeleton got shoved over a box. Amazing.