Tella Balls Dessert Bar Seems Like A Good Place To Die

A “dessert bar” sounds like one of those things that wives make up on Valentine’s Day. It’s like a restaurant that doesn’t serve meat, or a bar that has no alcohol. SoundsĀ great, right? Well, hopefully Australia thinks so, because they’re getting one in “Tella Balls”: a venture spun off a successful Instagram post about a sugary milkshake topped with a donut. You know, the way that businesses normally start.

It won’t just be “choc freak” hazelnut milkshakes getting spun up at the Sydney-area eatery, though. The proprietors have imported some of Europe’s finest pastry experts to make sure their offerings run the gamut from chocolate pancake to chocolate crepe. Of course, the classic Tella Balls themselves will be the main draw, coming in ricotta + strawberry jam, vanilla bean, salted caramel, and, of course, hazelnut flavors.

Try all four! And make sure your affairs are in order.