Angry Tennis Player Tells Heckler To Suck His Balls

Bernard Tomic Heckler

Tennis is a stressful game, especially when you have a heckler in the crowd. Unlike other sports where crowd noise is just part of the equation and individual fan voices blend into a dull roar that’s easy to ignore (unless you’re at a Seahawks home game), tennis audiences are usually pretty quiet and polite. But there are always exceptions, as Bernard Tomic discovered at the US Open this week.

Tomic, ranked 14th in the world, had a pretty lousy first round match against Damir Dzumhur that he lost 4-0. While the game was being played, Tomic seemed to be more concerned with a man in the stands critiquing his play than he did his opponent. Typically, a player can go to the chair umpire to have a heckler removed, but Tomic for some reason didn’t opt for that. Instead, he engaged the critic from the court.

“Suck on my balls,” Tomic yelled. “I will put my balls in your mouth. I will give you some money to make you feel good.” Unsurprisingly, the heckler didn’t take that offer, but he seemed to quiet down after Tomic laid into him. The umpire intervened, and the spectator left the stands.

Mediaite has more on Tomic’s meltdown. He did apologize after, saying “He was just baiting me a bit. You know, I don’t want to get into it. I apologized for what I said to him,” but it’s likely he’ll face sanctions for his behavior.