Testicle Grab Leaves Teenager In Recurring Pain

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Testicle Grab Leaves Teenager In Recurring Pain

The thing with getting hurt in your ballsack is that it’s never just a one-time pain that goes away after it happens. The complex arrangement of nerves and organs in the genitals can cause agony for a significant amount of time. A letter into the Dear Doctor column in the Independent illustrates this very well, as a young fellow is still grappling with the aftereffects of an unwanted testicle grab.

Here’s the letter in full: “My 14-year old son came home from camp this week and said another boy grabbed his testicles, squeezed them and pulled down hard for a number of minutes. My son has since complained of pain, particularly in the right testicle. What should I do?”

First off, what kind of summer camp is letting kids just grab each others gonads willy-nilly? That seems extremely troubling to me from a parental perspective. That said, if your child is manifesting continual testicle pain, please do take them to a doctor instead of writing a letter to the newspaper.

The most likely culprit for enduring pain after a testicle grab is, of course, testicular torsion, where your little hangers-on become twisted in a way they can’t naturally recover from. As long-time readers know, that’s an issue to get surgically corrected as soon as possible, because long-term torsion can cause permanent damage to the reproductive organs. The paper recommends an exam and an ultrasound, so hopefully that advice was swiftly taken.

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