Testicle Jewelry For Valentine’s Day

Testicle Jewelry For Valentine's Day

We’re obviously big lovers of the nutsack here at the Ball Report, but not everybody shares our affection for testicles. One London-based jewelry designer, though, is right on board. Sam Hamilton is the creative mind behind the Sam Ham line, and this year she’s revealed a goofy and charming set of pendants, rings, necklaces and more called Ballz.

The jewelry, which is available in in sterling silver, gold plate, solid gold and romantic rose gold, is modeled after an abstract interpretation of male genitalia – two little spheres. This isn’t anything new for Hamilton, as she’s already found success with her “Little Dix” – cylinders and caps that have a telling resemblance to a penis.

Hamilton told the press “Fine jewellery is often inspired by the most delicate things in nature – flowers, butterflies, bees, and in its own special way so is the Ballz collection. We want people who wear our jewellery to feel a sense of confidence, power and playfulness. It’s a curveball present, but it’s perfect for those taking their worlds by storm who haven’t lost their sense of humour.”

If you’re interested in getting a set of Ballz for yourself, you can purchase them at Hamilton’s online shop.

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