This Testicle Musical Looks Sweet


People deal with testicular cancer and its repercussions in numerous ways. Some make paintings, or write articles, or work to educate the public. And then there’s Max Wojtanowicz, who turned the loss of one of his gonads into Ball: A Musical Tribute To My Lost Testicle. The Minnesota actor was diagnosed with the disease in 2016 and discovered it had already progressed to Stage 3 and hit his lymph nodes. To keep it from spreading any further through his body, he had to lose a nut and go through weeks of chemo.

Thankfully, he survived, and he’s transformed the ordeal into remarkably compelling stagecraft. He first premiered Ball at the Minnesota Fringe Festival last year, and he’s working on taking it global. In advance of his spring and summer tour, he’s produced a trailer that sums up the story, offers a peek into the behind-the-scenes development of the piece, and previews some of the songs.

Read more about the show at and enjoy the trailer above.