Does Testicle Size Influence Fertility?

We’ve been very clear on our stance: every healthy ball is beautiful and every healthy ball is big enough. But that doesn’t stop dudes asking over and over (and we see it in the search results that bring people to this site) about their testicle size. There’s a long-running myth that the heft of your balls means you’re a more potent babymaker. It’s so prevalent that the BBC sent a reporter to get to the bottom of it.

Alex Jones (no relation to the American conspiracy nut) went to the University of Sheffield to meet Dr. Allan Pacey, an expert in male reproduction. He shared some facts we knew already – that males over 40 are about half as fertile as men in their 20s. Even though they make approximately the same amount of sperm, the little swimmers themselves aren’t as potent.

He then brings out a set of testicle sizing beads that doctors use to determine the weight of a brother’s gonads. As men go through puberty, their testicles produce more sperm – and truthfully, it does matter how big your balls are. The bigger the testicle, the more sperm it can churn out. But there’s nothing you can do about your testicle size – it’s predetermined by genetics. So don’t stress out, brothers. You’re great just the way you are.