This Testicle Smoothie Video Will Ruin Your Life

Nope. Nope nope nope. People on YouTube eat all sorts of gross stuff, but we’re drawing the line at a testicle smoothie. There is absolutely no reason for any human being to subject themselves to this, and yet here we are. A new video from TGFBro features the lads getting some lamb testicles for some shenanigans, and then blending them up with other ingredients to make a refreshing beverage.

Please note that this video is chock full of profanity, so if you were considering watching a clip of people drinking testicle smoothies at work, you might want to put your headphones on. Unless you work in Fight Club or whatever.

As much as we’re disgusted by these events (and annoyed by the fact that much of this video is a bunch of idiots yelling at the top of their lungs and blowing out our speakers), we have to give credit to the boys for at least mentioning testicular cancer awareness. Although having your balls made into a smoothie is pretty awful, other things can be worse. So check ’em, buddies. And go to Jamba Juice or something.