Testicle Weights Increase Virility, Perhaps

Hamish & Andy are, apparently, a popular radio show and comedy duo hailing from Australia. Like most of the Western world’s comedy adventurers, at some point they had to know they would be going to Asia to do something weird with their penises. Still, the lifting of 20lb testicle weights seems to have taken them by surprise.

As they ask the master of this ancient art after they’ve completed their rigorous tasks, “Master…Is this a waste if I don’t have a girlfriend or a wife?”

“Yes. Totally,” comes the reply, and he doesn’t seem wrong in the least. If indeed lifting up to 450lbs in testicle weights (yes, with ropes attached to your entire package) is meant to increase your manhood and vitality, then it’s difficult to imagine what the upshot would be for a single man undertaking this ridiculous exercise. Just hit the non-testicle gym! Lift some regular weights, with something other than your penis!

Surely those exist.