Could Your Testicles Make You More Vulnerable To Coronavirus?

Could Your Testicles Make You More Vulnerable To Coronavirus?

We’d expect the novel coronavirus COVID-19 to be dominating headlines for at least another month and change, more if people come out of quarantine too early. One thing we’re always tuned in for is any legitimate medical breakthroughs that are being reported as scientists work to understand how the disease works and find ways to stop it. One recent release has us a little nervous, though – the theory that having testicles make men more vulnerable to the disease.

We already know that men seem to be more vulnerable to catching and seeing more dangerous effects from COVID-19, and now doctors are speculating that the reason why lies in your ballsack.

The pilot study was conducted on a cohort of coronavirus survivors in Mumbai, India. The virus is drawn to cells that express a protein called angiotensin converting enzyme 2. That protein has the perfect landscape for the COVID-19 virus to bond with. Cells that produce the enzyme are found in the lungs, gastrointestinal tract and heart, but they’re especially prevalent in the male gonads.

Adding one extra area for the virus to bond and grow seems to demonstrably increase the risk factors for men to be vulnerable to COVID-19. The testicles being separate from the rest of the immune system also offers an opportunity for the infection to grow.

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