It’s Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

It can be easy to forget that we’re actually up to something pretty serious and important here at the Ball Report. Amidst the wacky stories of people doing bad things to their junk and other funny stuff, the real mission here is to spread the gospel of testicular cancer awareness to the world. That means April is especially important, because April is testicular cancer awareness month.

We’ve said it time and time again, but awareness is the #1 weapon you have in the fight against ball cancer. Performing regular self-checks and going to a doctor the instant you feel something out of place down there can help you detect tumors before they grow and metastasize.

Let’s throw things over to the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation for more. They’ve got a pile of resources for testicular cancer awareness and treatment, and can make sure you get on the right track. All this month we’ll also be sharing stories from survivors from around the world.