This Testicular Cancer Story Is Worth Reading

Testicular Cancer Story

If you have a cancer story, we want to share it here at the Ball Report. Our #1 mission is making sure men are aware of the potential dangers of testicular cancer and check regularly for any strange feelings in their scrotum. So when a tale popped up on the Huffington Post, we knew we wanted to bring it to your attention.

It was written by an Aussie named Mat Whitehead, who works as an entertainment reporter for his country’s branch of HuffPo. It’s a breezy and casual tale that starts off with him showing his balls to a GP and an observing medical student and gets right down to the treatment. Smartly, Mat was able to get his surgery done right away, an event that had him a little flustered. As he says in the article:

“Part of the reason it feels ridiculous to say is because I was diagnosed on a Wednesday. By the following Wednesday I was at home recovering from surgery. I didn’t battle. I didn’t fight or overcome. I was scared and embarrassed and then I was eating a room-temperature egg salad sandwich as the anesthetic wore off.”

Whitehead’s cancer story has a pretty happy ending, but he reminds readers it didn’t have to be that way:

“When I first noticed there was a difference in the size of my testes I did absolutely nothing. The idea of calling up, making an appointment to discuss my “private parts” felt humiliating. Those are supposed to be private! I couldn’t bear the thought of it.

Then I began to feel a slight discomfort. A dull ache. That’s when I realised things were escalating and the next day I was booked in for a check-up. All my fears, everything I was so embarrassed to encounter was even worse than I had possibly imagined.”

Don’t wait. If you have any strange feelings down there, get to the doctor.

Read the whole thing at The Huffington Post.