The 10 Best Videos Of Red Hot Metal Balls Wrecking Stuff

Red Hot Metal Balls

One of the coolest things that YouTube has done is let people share their bizarre obsessions with the world. Case in point: a dude named Matthew Neuland, who loves to take red hot metal balls and bring them into contact with a variety of things to see what happens.

Neuland’s weapon of choice is a small sphere of nickel, which is notable for its ability to heat up quickly. Using a water torch, he raises its temperature until it glows red and then… puts it on things. All kinds of things, from vinyl record albums to a block of Velveeta cheese.

Here are our picks for the 10 best videos from his channel.

Ballistic Gelatin


Hockey Puck

Liquid Nitrogen


Pop Rocks


Floral Foam

World’s Largest Gummy Bear