The Disgusting Food Museum Has Whale Ball Beer And More

The Disgusting Food Museum Has Whale Ball Beer And More

Malmö, Sweden’s Disgusting Food Museum is known as a popular destination for people with iron stomachs. But a new exhibit there might test the tenacity of even the most daring eaters. Or drinkers, actually, as the display centers on booze and beverages.

Director Andreas Ahrens released a statement touting the Food Museum’s collection. “We have found the strangest, most interesting and challenging alcohol types from the world. Some of the exhibited alcohols showcase different types of homemade alcohols going back thousands of years, while others are experimental, made by local brewers.”

And these aren’t your standard funky homebrews. These beers, wines and liquors have some of the most disquieting ingredients we’ve ever heard of. From a Scottish beer served inside a taxidermied squirrel to a South Korean wine brewed with human poop, there’s a lot of nastiness on display. From our perspective, the Icelandic beer that’s both brewed with whale testicles and flavored with smoked sheep dung might be the nadir. It’s amazing the lengths people will go to in order to make a gross beverage.

When you can travel internationally, would you take a trip to the Disgusting Food Museum? And if somebody’s there with a tray of samples, would you partake?

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