The Golf Ball Market Is Being Seriously Disrupted

The Golf Ball Market Is Being Seriously Disrupted

We’re always into stories about people working to find new efficiencies and ways of doing things, and this report from Bloomberg about how the golf ball industry – long dominated by a handful of big companies – is being disrupted by innovators is super interesting. It follows the story of Dean Snell, who took his quarter-century as an engineer for the big boys to produce high-quality balls without all of the overhead costs, passing savings on to consumers.

Big golf ball companies spend a ton on endorsement deals with pros and tour contracts, but the actual differences between their products are relatively minimal. You’re paying for a name more than anything else, and that’s what Snell and others like him realized.

Golf Datatech estimates the annual ball market at $420 million, which is a pretty sizable pie to split between a few companies. The article also spotlights Vice Golf, which runs a subscription service to send duffers dozens of balls in neon colors, customizable in numerous ways including printing your face on the surface of the ball.

It also visits OnCore, which pushes the technology harder than competitors. Their balls disrupted the industry with hollow metal cores, and their upcoming Genius will boast an onboard GPS system so golfers can measure shot velocity, spin rate, total distance, trajectory, and apex.

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