The Gumball Surprise Is…A Baby In A Tub?

If you have young kids and electronics, you know that being in charge of approving every piece of content is hard work. Thankfully, much of this process is automated by means of parental controls and content restrictions, but there’s no iPad setting for “don’t allow weirdo videos with no talking and gumball nonsense”.

This video, from the “Toys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs” channel, is apparently not unusual. Well, it definitely is unusual, but it doesn’t seem to be uncommon. You could spend hours cycling through these things, some with gumballs, some without, many with no words, and all of them without explanation. Millions of children are watching videos like “Deluxe Slice and Play Food Set Play Doh Fried Eggs Cooking Set Toy Kitchen Cutting” and “Playground fun place – Play for children – the center ground – playground with balls – playroom“, apparently, and it’s difficult to know whether parents should be concerned. 

The baby seems happy, though, so maybe it’s fine. Maybe it’s all fine.